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With both rising temperatures and costs, businesses need to be on clean energy to remain relevant and competitive. At, we generate offsets and showcase cleaner companies; and help those that are not, make the switch to solar.


Incentivising businesses to
run on solar energy

Offset revenue

If your business is on solar and avoiding CO2 emissions, you should be rewarded! Our tech will track, generate and sell the offsets your system generates.

Showcasing CO2 reduction

Your solar powered business can be marketed free of charge on our directory, allowing eco-conscious consumers and stakeholders to easily find you.

Transition funding

If you're not yet on solar we'll instigate the project implementation and financing, leveraging off our cutting-edge technology and eco-system partnerships.

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Accelerate your

We'll work with you to enable a seamless switch to clean energy at an investment amount lower than your on-grid savings; all while showcasing your business' decarbonisation efforts.

Have a business already running on clean energy?

Sign up and showcase your cleaner company to the world, absolutely free!

The time for a decarbonisation
revolution is now

The cost of being a carbon-emitting business is increasing in terms of both direct energy cost and indirect consumer sentiment and is expected to continue to do so exponentially.




Shortfall in annual spending on clean energy to reach net zero [IEA, EC]




Time we have until we reach 450ppm CO2 and a likely point of no return [NASA]




Of carbon emissions stem from energy (directly and indirectly) [WRI]

“Funding is vital to facilitate climate action, with 69% of SMEs saying they need access to external funds to reduce their emissions faster or at all.”

SME Climate Hub

SME Climate Hub

Net Zero Think Tank