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Time forreal impact.

An all-in-one digital platform that simplifies carbon credit generation for truly impactful clean energy projects, from start to finish.


Carbon credits,made simple

Global temperatures are on the rise, and the cost of being a carbon-emitting company is increasing. Carbon credits can provide additional value to companies using clean energy. Using cutting-edge technology, we help you generate fully verified, high quality carbon credits from your renewable energy system, at no upfront costs.


Our innovative technology tracks energy from the source, ensuring only quality, immutable data is used for credit generation.

QualityCarbon Credits

Our unique carbon standard ensures top quality credits are produced from truly impactful renewable energy projects.


Carbon reductions from renewable energy projects are displayed live on our platform, showing real impact in real time.

“Carbon CX has the highest degree of confidence in the quality of the carbon credits that are being generated by from these impactful projects.”

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Carbon CX


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OurCarbon Standard

We have developed our own Carbon Credit Standard that priorities credits from renewable energy projects having a truly positive impact on our planet, both socially and environmentally.

The time for a decarbonisation
revolution is now

The cost of being a carbon-emitting business is increasing in terms of both direct energy cost and indirect consumer sentiment and is expected to continue to do so exponentially.




Shortfall in annual spending on clean energy to reach net zero [IEA, EC]




Time we have until we reach 450ppm CO2 and a likely point of no return [NASA]




Of carbon emissions stem from energy (directly and indirectly) [WRI]