We help enterprises switch to clean energy

With ever-increasing costs of fossil fuels; businesses need to transition to remain competitive and stay ahead of the decarbonisation curve.

how we help

We'll help your business
reach net zero

Green Solutions

We'll work with you to find the best clean energy solution for your business and put you in contact with one of our cleaner energy partners for a system quotation.

Transition Funding

Once we know how much your transition will cost, we'll arrange for the financing of your system and will have it installed as soon as conveniently possible.

Showcase your avoidance

As soon as your solar system is up and running, your profile will showcase the amount of carbon you’re avoiding for all your customers, clients and stakeholders to see.

reach net zero

Accelerate your decarbonisation

We'll work with you to enable a seamless switch to clean energy at an investment amount lower than your on-grid savings; all while showcasing your business' decarbonisation efforts.

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“Funding is vital to facilitate climate action, with 69% of SMEs saying they need access to external funds to reduce their emissions faster or at all.”

SME Climate Hub
Net zero think tank